Monday, June 28, 2010


...of the Jackpot June Sale!!! I hope you have all been good little scrappers and have checked my website,, often throughout the month to see the daily changing sales specials. If not, you have missed out on some great Goodie Boxes and other current items promo priced up to 50% off; not to mention the chance to win the daily FREE Jackpot item.

As luck would have it, however, the sale is going on through June 30; that is Wednesday, people! Check my website each morning at approx. 11am to see the daily sale items (there are 5 each day OR there will be a fantastic Goodie box filled with LOTS of current and retired products). One of the five items each day will qualify you for the FREE Jackpot item pictured at the top of the shopping page; but you never know which item, so buy one of each! Or you can buy multiple quantities of one of the sale items and if it triggers the Jackpot item, you will get multiples of the Jackpot item as well!!!

I love surprises and I hope you do too. Just hop over to my website and click on the main picture titled, "Jackpot June", to get shopping!

Live, Love, Create and have a Craftabulous day! Jill Myers

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